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CIF # 21218.AI0

Church/Organization General Information

Church/Organization Number 21218
Church/Organization Name First Presbyterian Church Charlotte
Mailing Address 200 W Trade St
Charlotte, NC 28202
Phone 704-332-5123
Fax 704-334-4135
WWW Address
Church/Organization Size More than 1500 members
Ethnic Composition African American 1%
Caucasian 99%
Average Worship Attendance 692
Church School Attendance 723
Certified as eligible for participation in the Seminary Debt Assistance Program   False
Yoked Church False
Community Type  
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Information about the position

Position:   Pastor (Head of Staff)
Specific Title:   Senior Minister
Employment Status:   Full-time
Language Requirements:   English
Other Languages:  
Brief Church Mission Statement:

First Presbyterian Church affirms that our mission, “For Christ in the Heart of Charlotte,” is to declare our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as the Head of the Church and to live for the Great Ends of the Church:

  • The proclamation of the gospel for the salvation of humankind.
  • The shelter, nurture, and spiritual fellowship of the children of God.
  • The maintenance of divine worship.
  • The preservation of the truth.
  • The promotion of social righteousness.
  • The exhibition of the Kingdom of Heaven to the world.

We have a tradition at First Presbyterian Church of bold, intentional actions to fulfill our mission. We are inspired by Paul’s words:

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds, so that you may discern what is the will of God- what is good and acceptable and perfect.” (Romans 12:2)

We believe we are called to be transformed and to be transforming for Christ in the Heart of Charlotte, and we believe this calling has been and continues to be unique given our place in the center city.

Brief description of the church/organization's programs or accomplishments:

Founded in 1821, First Presbyterian Church (“FPC”) is located in the heart of center city Charlotte with a congregation of 2,140, and a general operating budget of $3 million, excluding our daycare and preschool. FPC has 4 associate ministers, 10 program staff, 30 Elders, and 36 Deacons.

Our worship includes 2 Sunday morning services, with the 11:00 service televised live to 40,000 viewers, in addition to a Wednesday noon service, and seasonal evening services. We have an active music program with multiple handbell and vocal choirs. Educational opportunities include 5 adult Sunday school classes and multiple children/youth classes, along with our Wednesday Connect evening programs. Forty programs and ministries provide spiritual growth, fellowship, and pastoral care while FPC has 25 local and global outreach programs, with an emphasis on relationship building.

The resources of the church include an historic sanctuary and educational buildings that sit on a 2 city block campus. The campus facilities exceed 100,000 square feet and all buildings, except the sanctuary building, have been constructed or renovated since 1990.

Charlotte is a metro area of 1.7 million with 700 houses of worship and a vibrant center city, enriched by over 13,000 residents. Charlotte is a highly philanthropic city with major corporate, cultural, and religious resources. The following website highlights Charlotte and its many attributes:

Gifts, Skills and Experiences the congregation possesses to fulfill its mission:

FPC is committed to center city Charlotte with members residing throughout the metropolitan region. This commitment was affirmed when our church decided to remain in uptown Charlotte during the late 1950’s when many churches relocated to the suburbs. Today over 50% of our congregation travels more than 15 minutes to be part of our mission. Our location places us at the doorstep of many ways to serve, and challenges us to stretch ourselves.

We are an intellectually curious congregation woven together by Reformed theology, with diverse social and political perspectives. We seek to be challenged by the Gospel to uphold the Great Ends of the Church and respond by the giving of time, talent, and resources. We are a congregation that strengthens one another through love, nurturing and fellowship in times of joy and crisis. We desire to be evermore invitational and a place where all feel welcome. We seek a leader who will help us cultivate an openness to being surprised by grace.

We are the inheritors of a strong tradition which calls us to be transformed as church members and to help transform our community. Today the Church remains vibrant with services and activities 7 days a week. The Gospel and our location compel us to serve children, families, and our neighbors in need. For the story of our historical and current transformative outreach that is changing us and our city, click the following link.

Key theological issues of the church and society that are reflected in the ministry of the congregation/organization:

First Presbyterian Church states its faith and bears witness to God’s grace in Jesus Christ in the creeds and confessions in the Book of Confessions of the PC(USA.) Grounded in the tenets of Reformed Theology, we are united on essential matters such as: The sovereignty of God, the Lordship of Jesus Christ, the Triune God, the authority of Scripture, and salvation by grace. We recognize the freedom of conscience regarding non- essentials, and we affirm Calvin’s assertion that there will always be differences in the church. We believe that the church should neither ignore nor be defined by issues, and that Christians of many views and perspectives can reasonably, respectfully, and prayerfully differ, and indeed this is important to a vibrant and vital Christian community.

To quote Dietrich Bonhoeffer, “Because God already has laid the only foundation of our community, because God has united us in one body with other Christians in Jesus Christ long before we entered into common life with them, we enter that life together with other Christians, not as those who make demands, but as those who thankfully receive.”

Position Description

A. Major Responsibilities:

The Senior Pastor (Head of Staff) will be responsible for the overall ministry and leadership of the church. As such, the pastor will strive to follow and model Christ’s example of servant leadership.

The Senior Pastor will embrace leading worship and preaching as the centerpiece of the call.

The Senior Pastor, as spiritual leader, will guide the congregation in all disciplines of the church including teaching, pastoral care, stewardship, outreach and prayer.

The Senior Pastor will find meaning and significance in managing, developing, and guiding staff and lay leadership.

The call is unique given our time and place in the center city, and the tremendous resources with which we are blessed. Therefore, the Senior Pastor will continue the long tradition of being a leader for Christ in the community.

B.  Characteristics and qualifications needed

First Presbyterian seeks an ordained pastor who:

  • Is a Christian who is rooted in scripture and who believes in the tenets of the faith as articulated in the creeds and confessions in the Book of Confessions of the PC(USA.)
  • Is a person of prayer.
  • Leads with a prophetic voice that desires to exalt Christ, his name, and his word above all things.
  • Preaches the Word of God faithfully and boldly; with authority and confidence based on deep Biblical and theological knowledge.
  • Has an open and collaborative communication style that encourages a diverse membership to engage in dialogue on difficult issues.
  • Is engaging, approachable and energetic, and leads with vision, a shepherd’s heart and a sense of humor.
  • Has experience with and a love for traditional worship while being willing to explore and incorporate other worship styles as an extension of the church’s ministry, in the spirit of the Reformed tradition.

Primary Skill Choices:
Communication (Written / Oral)
Corporate Worship / Sacraments
Leadership Development
Leadership of Staff / Volunteers
Problem Solving / Decision Making
Spiritual Development
Stewardship and Commitment Program
Strategic Planning
Compensation and Housing:   (Cost of Living Calculator)
Minimum Effective Salary: $125,000   (Effective Salary Definition)
Housing Type: Housing Allowance
Name Address Phone Numbers Relation Email
The Rev. Dr. Christopher Edmonston Sr. Minister, White Memorial PC, 1704 Oberlin Road, Raleigh, NC 27608 (919) 834-3425 x246 Former Associate Minister of First Presbyterian Ch
The Rev. Dr. Thomas Kort Sr. Minister, Sardis PC, 6100 Sardis Road, Charlotte, NC 28270 (704) 366-1854 Peer Local Church Minister
Michael Marsicano, Ph.D. President / CEO, Foundation for the Carolinas, 220 North Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC 28202 (704) 973-4531 Community Leader Knowledgable of FPC
Geographic Choices:   Unlimited
Has the Pastor Nominating Committee and Search committee affirmed its intention to follow the Form of Government in this regard?
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Self-referral Contact Information

PNC:  Mr. Scott H. Angel Address  4028 Ridgecrest Ave, Charlotte, NC 28211
Daytime Phone  (704) 619-0505 Office Phone  (704) 338-4011
Fax  (704) 338-3821 Email