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MIF #: 23139.AC0

Ministry General Information

Ministry Number 23139
Ministry Name BUNKER HILL
Mailing Address PO BOX 660
Phone (304) 229-9358
WWW Address
Ministry Size Under 100 members
Ethnic Composition White 100%
Average Worship Attendance 34
Church School Attendance 10
Curriculum various faith based learning curriculums
Yoked Church False
Community Type Suburban
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Information about the position

Position:   Pastor (Other Temporary i.e. Supply,Student)
Experience Required:   No Experience
Specific Title:  
Employment Status:   Part-time
Language Requirements:   English
Other Languages:  
Statement Of Faith Required:   Yes
Clergy Couples:   Yes
Training/Certificate Requirements:  
Other Training:  
Brief Church Mission Statement:

As a congregation in the PC(USA), we believe in the unique truth of God's Word as revealed in Scripture and expressed through the Reformed Faith. We believe that all humankind is created in God’s image. Jesus liberates and invites us to participate in works of empowering love. We search for our paths to God with open hearts and minds. We have experienced God's amazing grace, so we seek to embrace all people with love, acceptance, and compassion.


Bunker Hill Presbyterian Church is a family of faith in the community with a ministry reflecting the mind and spirit of Jesus Christ. We strive to build community that prayerfully embraces God’s justice, compassion, grace, reconciliation, and peace for all. We nurture and challenge the congregation to grow spiritually, intellectually, and in Christian service.


As a family of faith we seek to:

· Share the Good News of Jesus Christ, in dynamic and creative ways, within our local community and around the world.

· Be faithful in preaching and hearing the Word, using our gifts and abilities to the glory of God in evocative worship and sacramental experiences.

· Hold fast to the Way, the Truth, and the Life through dedicated Christian education, prayer, and study.

· Work for the positive transformation of our world with ecumenical partnerships to encourage social responsibility and action.

· Endeavor to live lives with compassion and holiness, exhibiting God’s way to the world and promoting God’s righteousness to all.

What is the congregation’s or organization’s vision for ministry? Additionally describe how this vision is lived out.

While we have a larger member number on the rolls, we have approximately 34 worshippers on average post pandemic.  Our Sunday School has 10 adults right now on average.  We have seen limited growth, have lost attendance and youth primarily due to the pandemic.  Our vision is to instill renewed spiritual hope and to grow and continue to meet the needs of our congregation and community. 

How do you feel called to reach out to address the emerging needs of your community or constituency?

Our county is one of the most rapidly growing counties in West Virginia.  With growth brings increased problems such as income and job disparity, homelessness, substance abuse, diminished mental health. 

We reach out to our community through visitations, prayer, food, clothing and other necessities, donations to local food banks, C-CAP, Rescue Mission, Veterans Administration, Back Pack program, local women’s and men’s shelters,  humane society, Operation Christmas Child, local school program support, Berkeley Co. Parks & Rec youth teams, blood drive sponsorship, provide a location for quality before and after school child care, garden project to share produce grown, participate in special offerings.  We bring communion to those shut in and in nursing homes.   We continue to welcome our community with worship broadcast on Facebook, a vibrant VBS summer program, picnics, Easter egg hunts, Lenten studies, Advent studies, Christmas program/dinner.  We also get together to prepare Church World Service kits and projects for Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.

How will this position help you to reach your vision and mission goals?
Through guidance and leadership, we can come together as a body of Christ to support one another and to seek out and lend assistance to the needs of our community.  This will be done through prayer, worship, teaching, visitation, and compassion, while being energetic, flexible and spiritual.  We, as God’s people all have a voice and a mission to do God’s work.  We seek the deliverance of a strong message that focuses on love for God and others, forgiveness, hope and service.  It has been said of BHPC:  “Best kept secret in the Shenandoah Presbytery” – Bill Painter
Provide a description of the characteristics needed by the person who is open to being called to this congregation and or organization.

The candidate must be compassionate, hopeful, motivating, encouraging, patient, and good at decision making, but also flexible and willing to listen to the concerns of all – especially those that may feel marginalized in our congregation.  Being a good communicator is very important and being able to utilize multiple forms of communication (visitation, emails, social media as well as phone calls) is essential.  Collaboration with the Session and various committees is also important to achieve our mission.  Ideally, the candidate would listen and value traditional and future faith endeavors, honoring the past and moving toward the future.

What specific tasks, assignments, and program areas will this person have responsibility?

Preach and lead worship, administer the sacraments per Session agreement, teach Sunday school and bible study.  Preside over baptisms, weddings and funerals.  Moderate Session.  Provide pastoral care and visitation. 

Encourage congregation in service and stewardship; help build a strong youth program.  Equip the Session and our church members to engage in the local community. Empower people to be the church.

Given the part-time nature of this call, we are willing to be flexible and negotiate these duties.

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Leadership Competencies:
Change Agent
Decision Making
Funds Developer
Compensation and Housing:   (Cost of Living Calculator)
Minimum Effective Salary: $16,500   (Effective Salary Definition)
Housing Type: Housing Allowance
Name Relation
Rev. John Bethard
220 E. Washington Street PO Box 89, Charles Town, WV 25414
Session Moderator
Rev. Dr. Nancy Meehan Yao
PO Box 1146, Harrisonburg, VA 22803
Associate General Presbyter
Rev. Robert Osborne
45 Pine Place Drive, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Pulpit supply
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Version Track Info: This MIF was last updated on   9/15/2022

Self-referral Contact Information

Daytime Phone  Office Phone  (540) 433-2556
Fax  (540) 433-6830 Email
Daytime Phone  Office Phone  (540) 459-2646
Fax  (540) 662-7097 Email
PNC:  Joy Kerns & Vickana Norton Address  POB 660, Bunker Hill, WV 25413
Daytime Phone  540-931-5603 Office Phone  304-283-1146
Fax  Email