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MIF #: 22291.AG1

Ministry General Information

Ministry Number 22291
Ministry Name Summerville Presbyterian Church
Mailing Address 407 S Laurel Street
Summerville, SC 29483
Phone 843-871-0281
Fax 843-871-0300
WWW Address
Ministry Size 401 - 650 members
Ethnic Composition Black or African American (African Native, Caribbean) 1%
Hispanic Latino/Latina, Spanish 1%
Middle Eastern 1%
White 97%
Average Worship Attendance 257
Church School Attendance 130
Curriculum A variety of bible-based studies
Yoked Church False
Community Type Town
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Information about the position

Position:   Head of Staff (who supervised one teaching elder and other staff)
Experience Required:   5 to 10 Years
Specific Title:  
Employment Status:   Full-time
Language Requirements:   English
Other Languages:  
Statement Of Faith Required:   Yes
Clergy Couples:   Yes
Training/Certificate Requirements:  
Other Training:  
Brief Church Mission Statement:
We are a Christ-centered church. We value an open and friendly congregation.  We are dedicated to the spiritual growth of all God's children, and we feel called by God's Spirit to serve our neighbors, both locally and globally.
What is the congregation’s or organization’s vision for ministry? Additionally describe how this vision is lived out.
We serve in gratitude of God’s Grace. We have a vision of service and fellowship to our community both at home and abroad. We value warmth and welcome any worshiper who enters our doors. We minister through our love for one another and for those who visit us. Our Sunday services (three each week) span styles from contemporary to very traditional – all still steeped in Presbyterian Theology. With nine distinct Sunday school classes, plus Wednesday night worship and learning time, we teach God’s Word that we may be better ministers of His works. We minister locally, and our strength is demonstrated by the large percentage of our members who participate in those efforts. Our hallmark is the year-long Hands of Christ ministry, which bears fruit in August with an annual day of giving to school children. HOC is our largest effort, yet SPC serves in every season. At Thanksgiving and Christmas, we join other churches and give to the needy. Throughout the year, we take part in prison ministry. We help at the local homeless shelters. We open our doors to AA and the Girl Scouts. In fall and spring, we support festivals that welcome not only our own members, but the community at large. During the summer, Vacation Bible School and Music and Drama Camp serve as both ministry and outreach. We minister globally. We support missions and missionaries in Costa Rica, Brazil and Madagascar. We send mission teams both regionally and internationally. At SPC, we practice evangelism by example.
How do you feel called to reach out to address the emerging needs of your community or constituency?
Growth is the word. Summerville is growing. Rapidly. We have large industrial facilities (Boeing, Volvo, Mercedes Benz) building huge plants all around us, plants that bring with them large labor forces and the families that follow them. We also have a growing population of retirees settling here. So the question becomes, how do we adjust our programs to match the growth? Our varied worship services and internal programs provide places for newcomers to connect with God, find community, and work in service. SPC has certainly seen an influx of new members. We will continue to strengthen and provide those programs which have served us in the past and which had a hand in bringing in new members. In addition, we pray that God reveals new opportunities to serve our congregants. At the same time, growth brings more people who are less fortunate and need assistance best provided by people of faith. No doubt our existing ministries will be tested like never before. And no doubt God will also provide us means and opportunity like never before. We don’t yet know the shape of those opportunities. Do we do more multi-cultural outreach? Do we open our facilities for some kind of after school program? Does God have an entirely new and as yet unseen direction for us? 
How will this position help you to reach your vision and mission goals?
We need a good shepherd. We need a pastor who will guide us and align our efforts with God’s will. We foresee that our new pastor will share our views and encourage our vision for the ministries of SPC. We expect the new pastor will also bring fresh ideas to further our ministries and mission beyond what we presently imagine.
Provide a description of the characteristics needed by the person who is open to being called to this congregation and or organization.
We are ready for a leader, and that begins with a strong presence in the pulpit. A pastor whose preaching style is intellectually rooted in Bible Based Presbyterian Theology, and yet is passionate, heart-felt and emphasizes a spiritual relationship with God. Outside the sanctuary, our new leader should be approachable, visibly involved in church activities and an able motivator. Compassion and counseling are key. An ability to lead the church not only spiritually, but also administratively is vital.
What specific tasks, assignments, and program areas will this person have responsibility?

Our new Senior Pastor must:

  • deliver the Word from the pulpit with strong, original content in the weekly sermon.
  • be faithful in visiting the ill and the needy of our congregation.
  • supervise Staff.
  • act as strong liaison with Presbytery.
  • identify specific goals/opportunities for our congregation to grow and strengthen in Christian servanthood.
  • moderate the Session, assisting that body in the discernment of God’s Will.
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Leadership Competencies:
Preaching and Worship Leadership
Spiritual Maturity
Public Communicator
Willingness to Engage Conflict
Decision Making
Interpersonal Engagement
Compensation and Housing:   (Cost of Living Calculator)
Minimum Effective Salary: $60,000   (Effective Salary Definition)
Housing Type: Housing Allowance
Name Relation
John Pardee
124 Blake Drive, Summerville, SC 29485
(843) 871-3218
member, St. Luke’s Lutheran Church. John has work
Rev. Achim Daffin
201 W. 9th N. Street, Unit 140, Summerville, SC 29483
(843) 804-7033
Chaplain, Presbyterian Village at Summerville (has
Rev. Alonza Washington
1000 Twin Lakes Drive, Sumter, SC 29154
(843) 437-8331
Retired pastor of Wallingford Presbyterian Church
Has the Pastor Nominating Committee and Search committee affirmed its intention to follow the Form of Government in this regard?
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Version Track Info: This MIF was last updated on   5/13/2019

Self-referral Contact Information

Daytime Phone  (843) 708-7127 Office Phone  (843) 766-4219
Fax  (843) 766-2804 Email
COM:   Rev. Rebecca Albright Address  P.O. Box 1226, Beaufort, SC 29901-1226
Daytime Phone  (843) 816-3060 cell Office Phone  (843) 524-3051 cell
Fax  (843) 766-2804 fax Email
PNC:  William J. (Jim) Wylie and Frances O. Via Address  407 S. Laurel Street, Summerville, SC 29483
Daytime Phone  (843) 871-0280 Office Phone 
Fax  Email