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MIF #: 08695.AD1

Ministry General Information

Ministry Number 08695
Ministry Name St. Barnabas Presbyterian Church
Mailing Address 1220 West Belt Line Road
Richardson, TX 75080
Phone 972-235-2000
Fax 972-235-2016
WWW Address
Ministry Size 251 - 400 members
Ethnic Composition American Indian or Alaskan Native 1%
Asian 1%
Black or African American (African Native, Caribbean) 2%
Hispanic Latino/Latina, Spanish 1%
White 94%
Other 1%
Average Worship Attendance 175
Church School Attendance 75
Curriculum Shine: Living in God's Light; Generation Why?; Illustrated Children's Ministry
Yoked Church False
Community Type Suburban
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Information about the position

Position:   Associate Pastor (Other)
Experience Required:   0 to 2 Years
Specific Title:  
Employment Status:   Full-time
Language Requirements:   English
Other Languages:  
Statement Of Faith Required:   Yes
Clergy Couples:   No
Training/Certificate Requirements:  
Other Training:  
Brief Church Mission Statement:

St. Barnabas Presbyterian Church is a caring community of faith

Seeking the way of Christ together with

.. . minds that search

. . . hearts that share

. . . lives that serve

Celebrating God’s love is the central focus of worship and the center from

which we grow in our faith. From that center the people of St. Barnabas

reach out with compassion and determination to do God’s work in the world.

What is the congregation’s or organization’s vision for ministry? Additionally describe how this vision is lived out.

“Welcome one another, therefore, just as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.” Romans 15:7

The people of St. Barnabas continually work to discern and share their gifts as individuals and in community, and to nurture and sustain activities that foster peace and love. In a world too often filled with discord, greed, loss, and death, how is the church to respond and minister? Although the St.Barnabas congregation undoubtedly feels it has more questions than answers, we believe the answer to this question is found in the unconditional love of God as demonstrated through the life and death of Jesus Christ. We believe God’s love for humankind compels us to respond with compassion and justice to the needs of our own congregation, our community, and the larger world around us. As part of a church that is reformed and always reforming, we prayerfully embrace change, listening with compassion to each other and to the Holy Spirit. At St. Barnabas, clergy and laity are called to work together to discern and address root causes of human suffering. We believe we are called to reconcile where there is division, to comfort where there is suffering, and to encourage and provide hope where there is despair. St. Barnabas commits itself to be a community of faith dedicated to the centrality of worship; alive in Christ and growing in the Spirit; a caring, sharing, loving family of Christians; a warm, welcoming, inclusive church, open to all.

How do you feel called to reach out to address the emerging needs of your community or constituency?

St. Barnabas affirms that caring for the larger community is central to its mission. Providing such care allows our church to grow in service to God.

We seek to serve our community by welcoming all into our church home, opening our facilities to community groups, and holding concerts in our sanctuary and gatherings in our fellowship halls. We partner with Boys and Girls Club to provide space for them and volunteer opportunities for our members. Our proximity to schools and a university adds diversity to our community. Each year we organize and host a community Health Fair and blood drives. Youth are integral to life at St. Barnabas, serving as liturgists, caring for younger children, and participating in mission work.

We have a long history of mission work. We signed the Charter for Compassion which pledges to work to bring compassion to life in cities worldwide. We have a long partnership with St. Stephen’s Church and School in Voi, Kenya, participating in exchange programs and supporting education and building projects. Closer to home, members volunteer countless hours to local social service agencies such as Network of Community Ministries, a Dallas homeless shelter, CHIP registration, and Habitat for Humanity. We are certified as an Earth Care Congregation. During the summer, congregants of all ages participate in the Mission Possible Kids curriculum. We constantly look for ways to serve the changing needs of Richardson, a dynamic and diverse community.

How will this position help you to reach your vision and mission goals?

This is an exciting time in the life of St. Barnabas. Our church is brimming with signs of new life: a newly renovated Christian education building filled every day with children and youth through our partnership with Boys and Girls Club of Richardson, new members, new staff members, and a church calendar full of Christ-centered programs and activities for people of all ages. The congregation of St. Barnabas is an engaged group of people who often describe the church as their family and are committed to supporting each other.

The Associate Pastor will be an integral part of the varied activities of St. Barnabas, a congregation that centers its life in worship and from that center reaches out to the community and the world. At the same time an Associate Pastor will have gifts and interests which will lead in directions not yet explored or even imagined. St. Barnabas is blessed with experienced, talented, and collaborative staff members who encourage initiative and empower leadership within the congregation.

The ability to listen with compassion and creativity to the concerns of a diverse congregation will be essential. Working closely with our Senior Pastor and staff, the Associate Pastor will need pastoral and communication skills as well as flexibility, a strong sense of the Holy Spirit, and a sense of humor to help St. Barnabas find new ways to do God’s work in the world.

Provide a description of the characteristics needed by the person who is open to being called to this congregation and or organization.

St. Barnabas is looking for an Associate Pastor who will communicate the feeling of warmth and welcome that is central to our church family. We seek a person who has enthusiasm for learning about and engaging with all aspects of our church life, and who hopes to grow in ability and Spirit, answering the call to serve God and God’s people.

Our Associate Pastor will:

  • Work collaboratively with our Senior Pastor, staff and Session to further the vision of our church’s mission statement.
  • Demonstrate an effective preaching style and a readiness to proclaim God’s word from the pulpit;
  • Nurture the spiritual growth of children, youth and families through personal relationships and innovative programs.
  • Embody compassion, exhibiting the skills to help persons of all ages deal with the challenges facing them at each stage of life.
  • Affirm and encourage the ministry of the laity.
  • Continue and strengthen the church’s long-standing commitment to mission, finding new ways to open our church to the community, and empowering members to carry God’s love out into the world.
  • Pray for and seek to serve St. Barnabas with energy, intelligence, imagination, and love. (Book of Order)

What specific tasks, assignments, and program areas will this person have responsibility?

The Associate Pastor will serve as a generalist, fully engaged in the life of the congregation, preaching, teaching, and helping to implement outreach activities. Working closely with the Senior Pastor and staff, the Associate Pastor leads, collaborates with, encourages, and empowers members to manifest the Spirit for the common good.

The Associate Pastor will:

  • Preach at least monthly, serve regularly as liturgist and communion co-celebrant, and perform rites for weddings, baptisms, and funerals as requested.
  • Share responsibility for planning traditional, informal and special worship services.
  • Share in planning, coordinating, and building a vibrant ministry for young families, children and youth.
  • Help to strengthen ties between the church and its surrounding community.
  • Teach/facilitate a variety of classes including adult Sunday school, confirmation class and Wednesday morning Bible study breakfast.
  • Serve as spiritual advisor on youth retreats and mission trips.
  • Participate in Session meetings and weekly staff meetings.
  • Serve as resource to the Outreach, Membership, and Worship committees of the Session and to the Board of Deacons.
  • Serve as liaison between the congregation and Boys and Girls Club.
  • Visit members who are homebound or hospitalized.
  • Provide pastoral care and counseling to members.
  • Promote and participate in activities of Grace Presbytery, the Presbyterian Church (USA), and the greater church.
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Leadership Competencies:
Spiritual Maturity
Public Communicator
Decision Making
Strategy and Vision
Interpersonal Engagement
Bridge Builder
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Minimum Effective Salary: $48,500   (Effective Salary Definition)
Housing Type: Housing Allowance
Name Relation
The Rev. Janet M. DeVries
6100 Colwell Blvd. Suite 100 Irving Texas 75039
214-393-5610; 800-678-450
General Presbyter, Grace Presbytery
Lee Hubbard
1883 Quail Lane Richardson, Texas 75080
Member of Congregation, Chairman of Personnel Comm
Elizabeth Callender
6100 Colwell Blvd. Suite 100 Irving, Texas 75039
Liason from Prebytery to APNC
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Version Track Info: This MIF was last updated on   1/10/2019

Self-referral Contact Information

EP:   Rev Michael Thompson Address  6100 Colwell Blvd #100, Irving, TX, 75039
Daytime Phone  Office Phone  (214) 630-4502
Fax  Email
COM:   Michael Waschevski Address  1000 Penn St Ft. Worth, TX 76102
Daytime Phone  817-335-1231 Office Phone  214-393-5607
Fax  214-637-6324 Email
PNC:  Sue Koehler Address  1128 Wilderness Trail Richardson, Texas 75080
Daytime Phone  972-783-1520 Office Phone  972-489-6318
Fax  Email